Fall 2012 Update
by Office Grader - Saturday, 25 January 2014, 06:45 PM


Office Grader programs are now freely available for college instructors adopting Wiley Microsoft Official Academic Course Office textbooks.

Instructors who do not use Wiley text may purchase the graders at this website.

Fall 2012 updates include:
Word Grader:
Grades filetypes: rtf, txt, htm; Grades passworded student files; plagiarism detection added; other bug fixes

Excel Grader:
Bug fixes, Installer fix for 64-bit Windows

Access Grader:
Grades MDB files; Counts off more for missing forms and reports; grades passworded files; bug fixes

PowerPoint Grader:
Added plagiarism detection; Changed report background from white to gray, to better see white text

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