Submission of Teacher's Examples

If the students are required to assess some example pieces of work before submitting their own work, the teacher uses this link to submit that work. The teacher can submit any number of pieces of work. If the number of pieces of work is greater than the number of example assessments each student must make, then the work is allocated in a random but balanced fashion. The system tries to assure that each of the examples is allocated to the students the same number of times. The allocation is random in that if, say, ten examples are submitted then it is highly unlikely that the first student is allocated submissions 1, 2 and 3 to assess.

If the teacher submits a fewer number of examples than given in the corresponding parameter of the assignment, the students are given just those examples to assess.

After the teacher has submitted the examples it is useful for the teacher to assess these examples, if only partially. These assessments are private to the teacher, they are NOT show to the students at any stage during the assignment. They are, however, shown to the teacher when the teacher looks at the student assessments of the examples. When grading the student assessment the teacher sees their own assessment at the top of the screen and the student's assessment of the same piece of work at the bottom. The "extra" assessment acts as a reference source and a reminder of the salient points in the example.

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