Resource Type

Resources are any content you can dream up. These are the different types, which mostly specify how the content is to be accessed:

Plain text - the easiest type. You can just type (edit) the page into a form on the following page. Some things you type will be automatically formatted, just like forum postings. More info about auto-formatted text

HTML text - for more advanced users. No automatic formatting is performed, you need to do it all manually using HTML codes. More info about HTML text

Reference - a scholarly reference to a journal or book.

Uploaded file - displays any file you have uploaded into the course. See the 'Files' section.

Directory - dislays a whole directory (and subdirectories) from your course files area. Students can then browse and view all those files.

Web link - A URL to somewhere on the web. When anyone clicks on this resource activity they will be taken out of the course (the page you've specified will fill the browser window, or if you specify it, will launch in a completely new window).

Web page - A URL to somewhere on the web. Like the previous type, this will display a web page. Unlike the previous type, though, the page will displayed within a frame, as if it is integrated within the course.

Program - an external program that requires information passed to it about the current Moodle user and course. This allows external web applications to cooperate with Moodle. More info about Program resources

Wiki text - allows more formatting options than Plain Text without having to learn HTML. You type plain text but a large range of formatting characters can be included (e.g. *this will be bold* /this will be emphasised/) to easily create complex formatting. More info about Wiki text

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