In Fall 2003, three instructors who were beta testing EXCEL GRADER were surveyed. The results of the survey follow.

Rate the accuracy of the grader:
        Extremely accurate (3 for 3)

Rate the difficulty learning to use the grader:
        Easy (3 for 3)

Give the total number of student complaints:
        4 student complaints for all instructors 
            out of 392 total students (1%)

Give the number of files skipped (the grader was unable to process):
        2 total files for all instructors (out of over 1300 graded)

Estimate of the number of hours the grader saved you per week:
        Instructor #1: 6 hrs, Instructor #2: 15 hrs, Instructor #3: 10 hrs


Sixty students were asked their opinions about the effectiveness of the grader.